Saturday, August 22, 2009

Will there ever be an end to all these books??? :: {Jessie)

Seriously. I'm afraid that if I keep taking photos of all the books I'm getting rid of, you'll get very, very bored. These are some hefty ones from grad school...among others. Maybe I should start taking crappier photos of everything. I'm kind of feeling a twang of least for that Henry Miller book. Hmmm. No. This is a good thing. Today I got ride of 6 more thick literature text books. In all honestly, most of them are pretty good, but how many anthologies does one girl need?

I may have slowed down on my postings. But I have not given up. JUST ONE THING! Don't give up now!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just One Thing :: Day 3 {Jessie}

When will I learn? Yesterday I worked myself into another migraine by pushing myself past my limit in an attempt to find order in my studio. Having just moved in, there is lots of work to do. Yesterday, I got a fire in me to paint the entire back wall and then work on unpacking and organizing in ridiculously hot summer heat. I did the same thing to myself just two days ago. Dumb.

I did, however, find another 3 things to get rid of (that's a good thing!). The two books, The Reenchantment of Art and A Short Guide to Writing About Art were no-brainers. Both books are from art school days and I never liked either of them. The third, a small bottle of chili powder, instigated a small argument with my husband. I'm getting rid of it because we are already have a fresher, higher quality bottle of chili powder in the spice cabinet. This is silly. Arguing over a 99 cent container of crappy spices? I admit: I'm a spice snob. I'm snobby about coffee, olives, and cheese, too--but that's another topic. ;) In order to declutter we actually have to get rid of things. Half the things I've gotten rid of, so far, my husband has tried to talk me out of for one reason or another.

I'm beginning to realize that I am not the only problem here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just One Thing :: Day 2 {Jessie}

Yesterday (day 2) I did not do any unpacking. That made it harder. I started to wonder if it would be too hard to get rid of one thing every day. Then I thought about the kazillion loads of STUFF we hauled to our new place--in both our cars (many trips) AND the big moving van and I reminded myself that the thought of running out of stuff to get rid of was crazy talk.

And so yesterday I got rid of an interesting little chopper that my mother-in-law gave us from a trip she took to Alaska about 4 years ago. It's actually pretty cool. The knife is scary sharp and it's pretty too! But let's face it: we've never used it and we never will. It requires you to cut the vegetable in strips before chopping it with this thing-a-ma-jig. Not realistic at all. Why would I get three things dirty when I only need one knife?

As I write about this beautiful little creation, I am feeling my absolute non-attachment to it. Was I just holding onto it as nostalgia of a trip that my husband's mom went on? What? I love her dearly, but that doesn't make any sense!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day Two {megg}

I'm a bit late with day two because I was trying to get a good picture. The picture is terrible, so I will add it later.

In the spirit of getting rid of excess baggage, I decided that day two was a great day to get rid of two of the things that really represent the past - so last night we said goodbye to our two lava lamps. I wanted to hang onto them out of nostalgia (and because apparently they are great Feng Shui!) but it was definitely time!

This is starting to feel good!!

Just One Thing :: Day 1 {Jessie}

I didn't mean to go overboard on the first day, but the fact that I only recently moved and happened to be tackling one of the biggest stacks of boxes in the house, made it much easier to come up with an item--or 10!

Item #1: A wool jacket that I bought in India when I first, more then TEN years ago! I haven't worn it in a long, long time. It's beautiful, but no longer my style. It's also worn out and has a hole in one of the pockets. I really do value the things I brought back with me from India because it was a hugely important time in my life. But it is starting to feel like time to let go of some of those things. I tried it on and then picked up another jacket from India that I had tailored especially for me. I decided to ditch the ragged old wool jacket and keep the custom tailored one. Ahhh, I feel good about that. :)

Item #2: A handmade ceramic vase that I made once upon a time. It's perfect for just a few flowers, but is uglier than sin. I don't need ugly. That vase has served me well. Functional, yes. But I can do without irritating ugliness.

Item #3: a fancy, BIG wine opener in a big stupid box. I don't even understand how the wine bottle opener works. I'd give it to my sister, but it's going straight in the garbage instead. I'm afraid that if I don't do away with it pronto, it won't happen at all!

Item #4: A miniature wolf sculpture. Don't tell anyone, but I used to collect fairies and, somewhere along the lines, friends started giving me wolf paraphernalia, too. They gave them to me because I love wolves and am also lucky enough to have one as my companion and pet...but the 3 inch porcelain! Bye, bye little wolf.

Item #5: A torn tapestry that I once used as a bedspread on our guest bed. Torn to shreds by my dogs, I think I was saving it to sew into something new. What, I have no idea.

Item #6: A box of half burned taper candles. Once upon a time I worked as a florist. We did lots of weddings and rented out candelabras on a regular basis. For awhile, before Y2K, I saved all those half used candles in case the world came to a screeching halt at the turn of the millennium. Well, the power never went out. Nothing changed. I've never needed those candles. I've saved them this long for an "emergency" that has never come. Maybe I'll regret that decision some dark day in 2010, but I've decided to take my chances.

Item #7: A torn, battered, abused copy of Helter Skelter. I can't believe I even read that book! If I'm not mistaken I read it about 20 years ago. a) that makes me feel old. b) what the hell have I been lugging it around all these years for anyway??

Item #8: My recently favorite purse. One problem: the handle broke. What good is a big, ol' purse that's missing a handle. Yay for me for getting rid of it! Does this mean that I get to treat myself to NEW purse? Yes, I think it does! :)

Item #9: A very favorite ceramic platter with bowl made by my husband. When my husband and I first met, we were both potters. The consequence of that is 100s of pounds of pottery that we're never quite sure what to do with. This particular platter has been loved much and used often. One problem: it has a huge crack! It's bound to break one of these days...probably at the worst possible time. We could fix it, but come's broken. I think it's time to let it go. Good bye platter; I've loved you!

Item #10: My beloved curtain from Anthropologie. I bought this curtain for the lofted bedroom of the home I built with my very own hands. I've always loved Anthropologie curtains, but they're expensive! Not to mention, this one is particularly infused with memories of a home I once loved, but have since left behind. The curtains are falling apart, but my memories are still as vivid as can be. There is no use for shredded worn down curtains in my life. I am letting it go because my life is filling up with new windows with new views. Goodbye yesterday. Hello today.

As I write this, it is already Day 2. I hope to tackle another stack of boxes, but will take it easier on myself this time around (yesterday ended with raging migraine--ugh). Who knew unpacking could be so incredibly taxing? One thing I know is that I felt so much better when I woke up this morning. I can literally feel the new vibrations that are flooding into the spaces that I freed up yesterday. Wow--the difference is incredible!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My very first thing!

I think it is only fitting that the first thing I am getting rid of is a book! It shows you I am going to take this seriously!